Friday, January 31, 2014

My Heart is an Egg?

Have you ever seen a heart shaped egg? Click this link and you'll not only see but learn in easy steps how to make Heart Shaped Hard Boiled Egg yourself. Great idea for Valentine's Day!

The eggs at the Farmers Market in Hawthorne are from Gama Farms and La Bahn. Each have their loyal following.

I regret when I don't anticipate and in a pinch have to buy from our local grocery store. The eggs don't have the flavor and color for my cooking and baking.

/Directions to make a Hard Boiled Egg into a Heart

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Down to Earth Farmers Market taking Up Space!

The Hawthorne Del Aire Market is the Down To Earth Farmers Market taking up Space!
The market may not be the biggest Farmers Market in Southern California however we are the reason why the farmers market system was put into place. 

You will see at this market more than others that customers really shop. They don't come for free samples or a place to pass time. They have a mission. Mission to buy proved as they leave with both hands full; shopping bags filled with goods from the market. 

This market is very special and a big part of what's good about Hawthorne!

19 days into the New Year and Good Weather is bringing out the community to the Hawthorne Del Aire Farmers Market. Here are some answer to questions that we are asked.

How do I start selling at the Hawthorne Del Aire Farmers Market?
Entrepreneurs that are looking at the Farmers Market to expand their customer base will find this link to the Los Angeles County Health Department's Special Event Requirement helpful. Excellent and thorough document that you'll refer to often and need to know before starting and will refer to often.

With approval of the market managers the Health Department will issue you either a quarterly or yearly permit for the fee.

What if I don't have a commercial kitchen?
Cottage Industry AB 1616.
There is a new opportunity for small independents that wish to work from their home.
Effective August 8, 2013, individuals can become registered and permitted as Cottage Food Operators.
Fees for Cottage Food Operator Registrations and Permits will be implemented, as approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Click the above Cottage Industry AB 1616 link for details.

Refer to the Los Angeles Public Health for fees that apply to you. Public Health
Insurance is required naming the Hawthorne Del Aire Farmers Market as additionally insured
Farmers Agriculture Pay 6% of sales - honor system
Non Agriculture Pay 10% - honor system

Each vendor is responsible for their physical set up that includes table, chair, tent, walls, floor, signage, and marketing material.

Official Market hours are from 9am -1pm. Farmers start selling as they set up and close. Selling by farmers prior to 9am with final sale at 2pm.

You can sign up for volunteer opportunities at - Hawthorne Del Aire Farmers Market.

The market sets up in the Da Vinci Charter School Parking lot. Vendors move the barriers and then replace behind them as they enter. Why are we so concerned? The parking lot is used by the public to avoid the traffic light and usually at a speed that isn't conducive to a parking lot. We work to make sure that we are consistent with barriers, reduce the risk of traffic and pedestrians at the same time. I know outsiders think we're absurd. Any outsiders are welcome to stand with me and it wouldn't take long to make them a believer.

The market is not the only activity at the school on Saturdays. Students and adults activities are going on campus. We are not always aware of the calendar however we do our best to be the information booth. We get questions for everything and anything that is going on, on campus.

We will be celebrating the farmers market's Fifth year on July 4th 2014. It's been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. More highs than lows. We're still here and don't anticipate going anywhere but being a wholesome stable weekly community event. The goal is to make money. The money to contribute to the community is in addition to the service of the operation of a weekly Farmers Market. There are real costs that go in to the operation; business licences, insurance, marketing, supplies, agriculture & health department permits. We do not have paid staff. Our market manager who'll you see at 6:30 am setting up and closing at the end of the day is to be paid however she is not compensated for her commitment of time, ability and skill. Her work does not end on Saturday's. During the week there is administrative and marketing for the market and you'll see her out in the community promoting.

Know that any questions that we've not answered here, can be asked when you come out to the Farmers Market. We're open Rain or Shine!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


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