Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dubious Farmers Tour

It's important that our Farmers represent their certification they hold. After David Karp's Los Angeles Times Friday online article July 2nd, he suggested there are a few dubious farmers in our market. Monday on a 400+ mile trek in the Jeep (off roading at times) to find out the facts about these alleged dubious farmers.  It was a great trip where I met Farmers, their Families, a 3rd Generation Family Owned & Operated butcher serving the high desert & a Hungarian Sausage Maker which I'm still enjoying because of course I had to take some home.  More to this post on Friday after my second visit.  
As Farmers Market Managers we rely on Certification issued by the department of Agriculture.  As important as that Certification is, we as Market Managers work together to assure our Farmers bringing what they Farm.
Thank You David Karp for the Write Up!
It was Awsome to see the Review of the Hawthorne Del Aire Farmers Market & Our Farmers In the LOS ANGELES TIMES!!!!

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  1. My second visit resulted in our Apple Farmer not returning. They had admitted to buying produce from Bakersfield to supplement their slow down in production. That is considered cheating and doesn't comply with Certified Farmers Market regulations.
    I immediately shared my finding with the authorities and for insight called a friend, retired Department of Agriculture Commissioner Jitz. (During Jitz career he certified the first Farmers Market 31 years ago) He said it is a constant effort and that it happened then, continued to happen and will happen in the future unless the message is clearly sent that cheaters will pay the consequences. Jitz passed away two week later. I wonder what his thoughts would have been about the NBC Investigative reports by Joel Grover.
    We don't want harm to farmers as they work hard however if they don’t follow the law we have no room for them in a Certified Farmers Market. There is a system in place that farmers can bring in other farmers production which is called a second certificate. Susan Mgr of the Hawthorne Del Aire Certified Farmers Market