Wednesday, July 14, 2010

John Koppelman Recognized by Hawthorne's City Council & Mark Ridley-Thomas

Last night John Koppelman submitted a speaker card to address the Hawthorne City Council to update them on the Farmers Market's First Year.  Well, the Council was prepared to address him, thanks to Mayor pro tem Danny Juarez who presented a City of Hawthorne Proclamation for John's tenacity and commitment to the Farmers Market that serves the Hawthorne Community.   "Wow...I'm surprised, I was here to talk about the Farmers Market. I'm very passionate about the Market, it's been a wonderful experience, there Sat I'm setting up and tearing it down, and um... most of the time I'm real enthusiastic, every once in a while I think I should have my head examined,  it's only a fleeting thought." followed by laughter by the crowd. "We have new vendors, the newest vendor has a breakfast burrito, which it's only Tuesday and I'm already salivating. With the variety increasing, families come, kids on their bicycles, a real family atmosphere.  I'm real proud of that. Thanks for the help from the City Council the Mayor, you've all contributed in your own ways, my wife Ema she really is a big back bone, takes care of stuff,  bails me out in a pinch" . What did I say in an early post, behind every great man is a great woman!!! That is Ema. 

Appreciate John's acknowledgement.  "Susan Hillyer our Market Manager she's indispensable, she takes care making sure we have good vendors, she's very aggressive in going out to the farms to assure that our farmers are who they say they are, the market's certified by the Department of Agriculture so we must follow the rules.  You can't bring fruit you buy to sell at the market. Susan watches for that and if it's not in season she picks up right away and goes to the farm. She's vigilant that our reputation stays in tact. Thank you to Sean Walsh, he's been very helpful and he and his wife Robyn sponsored the Jumper at the July 3rd Celebration Thanks Sean."
But that wasn't the end of the evening.  Mark Ridley Thomas who visited our market on July 3rd also wanted to recognize John.  Unable to attend last night's council meeting I presented on his behalf which read "Los Angeles County Commendation to John Koppelman for his dedicated service, to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstrated by numerous contributions for the benefit of all the citizens of Los Angeles County."

It was a great evening for John and great to see him acknowledged by the leaders of Hawthorne & LA County - Hawthorne City Council & Mark Ridley Thomas.

You'll see John at the Hawthorne Del Aire Farmers Market 9am - 1pm every Saturday Rain or Shine in the parking lot of Aviation & West 135th Street.

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